Embodying Soul

It used to be that I might occasionally visit my higher Self, or it might drop round for tea. These days my higher self is knocking at the door, and wants to move in. Perhaps you’ve noticed this as well, it seems to be a general phenomenon.

There have been times when I wanted to “beam up” to some other place or planet; when I felt disconnected and alone, a “stranger in a strange land”, out of sync with the world around me. You probably know what I mean. These days, however, I am focused more deeply on making space for Spirit to land.

We are connected spiritual beings, existing at once on all levels between our body and Source. We have all spent time practicing raising our consciousness or awareness to go visiting with “higher” levels of our self. But then we come home again. In Mary Poppins, when they start laughing and float up to the ceiling for a tea party, only to eventually come back to Earth when serious things return, is like this. But that movie is about the ability to bring that good stuff back down with you, into everyday life, even into that most serious of places, a British bank.

Yes we can go visit, but we can also invite our higher aspects to come into the body. This is embodiment, sacred union, heaven on earth. When we have cleaned the temple sufficiently, these “higher” levels will show up. They are really always here, but we are too busy and the static is too loud. Thus many forms of mediation and other practices have developed to quite the noise on the “lower levels”, so we can perceive the “higher”.

Being always connected, and always present, it is not so much a matter of going or coming, but allowing, listening, integrating. We can raise our consciousness, or expand it. The former implies taking an elevator up; the later is more about becoming aware of more floors at the same time. This is a time of expansion.

It used to be your higher self knocked gently and if you were busy went away again, to wait and come back later. But something is shifting. The knocks are louder and with an insistence. The time is now, your higher self is not really taking no for an answer any more. How many people do you know that are getting the wake up call in some form?

The good news is that its easier than ever to come into a place of expanded awareness, to experience both spirit and body at the same time. We do this not by figuring it out, but by allowing it to happen. The challenges are that this may be a bit disorienting (even if you have been practicing) or that the process often kicks up a bit of dust, but this will pass. And while we may have less choice we are also not as alone.

I have been seeing more people in the last couple months who are really stepping up to integrating their higher Selves into the body. Others are actively exploring how to bring their spiritual awareness into their jobs, and their lives. It is really very exciting! It seems a broad thing, involving all of us, those of us who have been “on a path” for years, and those who are just starting out. We are moving into a time when you won’t have to go to a metaphysical fair to connect with other people who are consciously living from spirit, we are everywhere. And I’m talking about Colorado Springs as well as Boulder.

We are learning to relax the analytic mind, so that our souls can connect to our hearts. Asking the mind to open up to translating from the geometry and music of Spirit, to the emotions of the heart. Unlike our conscious minds, our hearts are big enough to embody our souls. It is a beautiful thing when this connection is made and you really come home to yourself. And it is happening for all of us, right now. Whatever the reasons, it is in the air. Karpe Diem, there are more of us than we think, and Spirit has your back.

(© 5/2010)

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