Light of Truth

light of truth

In the center of your being is the Light of Truth, the pure aspect of your Soul that is part of all that IS, shining forth through all the levels of your human beingness, animating and manifesting your presence in the world.

Close your eyes, give your self a breath, feel into in the warm darkness of your inner space. Let all the lights and pictures from your mind and emotions fade and dissipate. Tune your awareness to your inner Light, the conscious energy of Being from which all the forms, thoughts, feelings, molecules of your human being come forth.

Letting go of space, find spaciousness. Letting go of time, find eternity. Letting go of self invite your Self to fill your awareness. Going down, up, inside, or underneath, slip through the bonds and bounds of the physical and resonate with your Soul’s Light, your unified Essence.

At this turning of the year take time to come to rest in the Light of Self, letting all the rest dissolve, and fall away. Know that as you tune into your Truth, all that is not in resonance will fall away, effortlessly. Know also that your small self doesn’t have to DO this, or anything else, except relax and let go. Intending to tune to Truth you are naturally called home to Source.

Bathe there as in warm spring water, the waves of a gentle sea, the sweet smells of tropical flowers, or the soft gaze of a lover’s eyes. Release all effort, all sense of trying, of limitation or lack. Allow awareness of how your aspect of the Truth of all that IS flows into and through you into the manifest world. Saying yes to this, you open to the infinite. Ask what it wants to create through you.

Coming back to your body and human being, allow this Light to shine through from the inside. Let the mind be still for a while longer, only serving as a screen for your Soul to show you an image of how it wants to manifest this coming year. What will it create through and for you, if you let it? What resonates with it in the next cycle around the Sun?

As you move back into Life, bring this sense of Truth and Light with you. Notice what resonates with it and what doesn’t. Honor your feelings and your knowing of this; honor your own Truth. Some things will fall away, let them. Some things will show up, notice if they resonate and take them up.

Let the Light of your Truth shine through you. Let your Essential Self find room in the world. The pure notes of your Being will join in harmony with those of others who are also living from the core of Truth. Welcome to a glorious new year.

(© 1/2015)

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