Falling Snow, Torness and Wholeness

Like many things in life the snow simply is, but what it means to us is really something we bring to the table. Is it a beautiful piece of natural performance art? an obstacle to traffic? a symbol of the flow of abundance and grace that always flows over us? or another chore that we have to do at the end of a long day? It may be something completely unique to you this day only.

Notice if it is some or all of these things. We are complex beings and are capable of holding many different images at the same time. Some of these may blend gracefully and others may clash.

I attended a great workshop this weekend and we were reminded of the quality of “tornness” ( Jorge Rubio Voller) in which we may want several things, or want to do something and to not do something at the same time. We may wish to help a friend, but be too tired and need to take care of ourselves, or need to cook diner for our children.

More and more it seems we live in a world that encourages us to be so busy that we are often torn in this way. So perhaps you can take some time to stand in the falling snow (or rain, or sunshine, or starlight) and allow your being to connect to the flow off all those flakes. Not choosing one over the other, allowing yourself to “have” all of them. And while you are doing this let go, for now, of all the other things that are tearing at you. Feel your feet on the ground, your connection to the sky, and the inner center that is you.

Being you… feel the flow of energy flowing through you, as the snow flakes fall, collect all the parts together in yourself and your awareness of self. Be conscious of your unity, and your ability to relate to the falling snow from a place of wholeness rather than tornness. Celebrate in great joy, just now, just here, and then carry this feeling with back into the world that pulls in so many directions.

(© 2/2008)

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