On a warm evening in summer, under a clear sky I was outdoors looking up at the sky, and turned my attention to how the stars were speaking to me. Opening to feeling how their light was reflected in my body, it seemed to connect to different physical organs and energetic aspects. Wisdom was being offered. A conversation was taking place. Consciously I felt like I was being lovingly tickled.

We are star beings on many levels. All of the atoms in our bodies were forged in the depths of stars, billions of years ago. Released into space by novas and supernovas, and on the great stellar winds flowing outwards from all stars. Swept up and collected into our solar system as it was birthed 5 billion years ago. They now flow through your body, hour by hour, day by day, year by year.

We are powered by Sun light. Sunlight that fuels the whole food chain: from the algae of the oceans, to the wheat in the Midwest, to the animals that eat the plants, it comes to us. We bask in its summer radiance and it warms and nourishes us in the depths of winter.

Forged in the stars and powered by the sun, our bodies house souls that have other spiritual/energetic connections to the beings that we call stars. As I stood conversing with the stars I saw, my being was remembering the stars that I have known in other ways. Both physically and spiritually I am remembering connection, and it feels joyful.

Choose a clear night, be warm for whatever season, and invite the stars to speak to you. Notice that you are surrounded, held on all sides. Dropping into your being open your awareness, as their vibrations flow through you and resonate with your own star nature. They are “speaking” to you of life and being alive. Time to wake up a bit more. Be joyful.

(© 11/2009)

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