Changing Time

by Alan McAllister, CCHt PhD-phys

I was told many years ago that there is no time and space in Spirit. This means that working on the level of spirit things can be done easily and swiftly. Healing, releasing, manifesting all move this way, in Spirit. Being able to step out of the physical beliefs and limitations and work energetically can therefore be powerful and effective. It is also what allows us to send healing energies around the world, or through time.

The body, living in the 3-D world, obeys somewhat different rules. It takes longer to process, integrate, and manifest. This is why there can be physical reactions to spiritual healings, the body is catching up to the spirit. It also factors into lags in manifestation and other processes.

As with most things in life there are both benefits and cautions in working between these two levels. In history and for most of us our awareness of them is kept separate. We may have experiences of stepping back and forth, which can be practiced and enhanced, but we are usually aware of one at a time, spirit or personality, with transition between them more or less graceful.

It seems that this is all changing. The much discussed “End of Time” is not about the “End of the World” in a cataclysmic sense, or even just the rolling over of a calendar from one age to the next. It is a reference to changes in our experience of what we call time, or the lack of it.

Many of you have noticed that “time is moving faster” in the last few years. Not just that effects of age and experience, or even the over crowding of most day-timers, but the sense of months flowing by as the current rises. While this is true, you may also have noticed that more and more is happening in these speeding months, especially on the inside.

As we pass Equinox and head into Spring, I realize I am still bracing for a winter that is already over. And yet the Solstice was a “long” time ago. Last week often seems like last month, while last fall feels like yesterday. Holding these both at the same time is the “end of time”: the timeless state that we know as spirits, where yesterday and last year are all present right now.

Last week I was swimming laps in the present, when overlaid was the clear sense of wearing a business suit, which I haven’t done in years. You might say I’m just getting squirrelier than usual, but others are having similar experiences with overlapping times, echos of past or future in the “present”. Like standing between two mirrors with so many different versions of yourself spread through “time” but all present at once.

Our changing experience of time parallels the widespread experience so many of us are having that we are both Spirit and Human simultaneously. As we move more into this dual awareness of both levels of our being, part of the global transition, the timelessness of Spirit is overlapping our usual linear egoic sense of time.

The sun still rises and sets, the Earth moves around the sun. The calendar and clock are still there if we choose to use them. Our personal human aspect still moves through linear time. But we are also aware of the timeless, of all times. The “moment” is no longer a single moment in linear time, but open to the presence of all moments at once.

While disorienting to the ego, this is that way your spirit has always existed and relaxing into Spirit you know how to be this way. Just as we are learning to integrate our awareness of our spiritual Selves with that of our egoic self, and walk that spiritual awareness in the world, we are also learning to integrate a different relationship to what we have know as time and space.

So if you are having strange experiences of time, or even space, know that this is not a problem, but an effect of the growth and expanding awareness that we are all going through on the planet. Keep breathing, remember to “notice what you notice”, be a bit amused, and perhaps wonder what interesting effects will show up next. Trusting Spirit and your spiritual Self to guide you into a new way of being in the world. Receiving these new experiences with the joy and wonder of the soul inside you, you step forward in your evolutionary transformation.

(© 4/2011)

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