Lighting the World

On Christmas eve, at a candle lit carol service that mirrored the Solstice ceremony I had been in a few days before, I opened to the Christ energy that we celebrate at this time of year. As it poured into my heart I closed my eyes and took a look at the Earth as a whole. It was a display of light that was more impressive than even the most gloriously overdone Christmas house. Billions of human beings focusing on love and hope, calling in Christ, and the space around the Earth full of angels and light flooding in in response. Pretty impressive when we all come together in shared purpose and community.

On New Year’s day I took a look at the Earth going forward into the new year, 2011! It was not quite so brightly lit, but I could see those who hold the light on a regular basis, connecting the Earth and Christ grids with the human heart grid that we have been collectively rebuilding for the last several decades. And then I noticed that even as I watched new lights were appearing!

Day by day there are more and more people waking up, remembering their spiritual selves and plugging consciously into the Light as we are all meant to do. Whenever we choose to hold to the love in our hearts and release the fear in our heads and guts; we do this. Whenever we reach out and connect to our fellow travelers on spaceship Earth: friends, family, strangers; we do this. Saying yes to living in love and joy, hope and belief, we plug into the world wide grids of our fellows.

If you ever have a chance to hold hands in a circle, and then lean back, until the arms are tight, and you feel yourself literally supported by your community. The web of light we are building is like this, relax into it and it has your back. Beyond the human realms, angels and guides are there as well. The web of Spirit is woven through everything, and we are remembering this connection, our place in this web. The more of us who move through the fear and open to our own light, the easier it becomes for everyone to follow.

So thank you for being a part of my circle, a part of the web that is shifting the paradigms on planet Earth. It is going to be a brighter year, and one rich in new joy and love in proportion to the old releases of fear and despair. The more of your human homework you complete the easier it becomes for all of us, as well as for you. Thank you for this as well.

Many Blessings for this new year. Its going to be an exciting journey. In gratitude, Alan

(© 1/2011)

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