Experiencing Your Higher Self

Let’s play.

Assume for a moment that you have a higher Self, an aspect that is part of a larger you, that you may or may not be consciously aware of, but is closer to Source, has a larger perspective and loves you (your human self) unconditionally. Take a moment to sit comfortably; close your eyes, imagine that your higher Self is present with you in some way, and letting go of your annalytic imagination, invite it to make itself known to you. Give yourself some space and time to notice whatever you notice. Check in with all your channels of perception. You might see something, hear a voice, feel something in your heart or your body, or just sense its presence in your knowing.

Just for now invite the knowingness of your higher Self’s presence, receive its love and support, a felt sense of that level of your being. Imagine that it is holding you in some way, as you might hold an infant or a child whom you love. Gently let go of any concepts or thoughts about how this is supposed to be and open to experiencing how it is, to the essence of your connection. Let it into your being as you would receive the sun’s warmth on a summer’s evening, the beauty of the stars, or the embrace of a loved one. Let it be personal and unique, universal and eternal.

It may come clearly to you, or you can play with possibilities. Feel the wings of your angelic self wrapping around you from behind. Try this in the shower sometime with warm water flowing down your back.

Perhaps your higher self is above you, shining like the sun or the stars down on you, or is like a larger being gazing down on you as you would a child. You might be immersed in it as when you are swimming in the ocean, floating in a sea of love and light. It may bubble up out of the spaces between the atoms of your body, from the void, that place of all possibilities that we emerge out of as physical beings.

We associate Spirit with Above, but it is also Inside, Underneath, and wrapped Around. It has your back and walks in front.

So take some time to play with your higher Self and allow it to come into your awareness, to communicate; explore any and all of the above, create or discover your own ways to experience it. You are meditating in some way, or you might be in nature, dancing, cooking a meal, listening to music. Whatever it is, it is likely to be joyful as that is a quality of your higher Self. Although it is always with you, create special time to play and get to know this aspect of your being and you will begin to feel its qualities infuse your daily life. Joy, amusement, certainty, calm centeredness, powerful well being, inspiration and many more.

When your human self is finding life challenging, your higher Self is always present to support you, but the more you have consciously cultivated your relationship the easier it is to access. All you have to do is ask and open to receive, however it comes to you and whatever you most need; unconditionally and limitless. Have a better day.

(© 11/2013)

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