Heart Dreams

by Alan McAllister, CCHt PhD-phys

What are your dreams and how do you dream them? Take a moment to sit and feel into yourself. Drop this question inside and notice what shows up in response. What aspects of you dream when you are awake? How do you experience these dreams? Do you see your dreams, or feel them or hear them?

Waking dreams, day dreams, visioning: we all have part/s of us that are oriented to our future, weaving a web of possibility that we invest emotionally with hope and/or fear. Contrary to those who tell you that these are unreal and a waste of time, this is part of the creative process and let you know that you are fully alive.

Your body dreams of exercise and sleep, of food, drink and physical intimacy. Your emotional being dreams of validation, acceptance, room to express itself, of kindness and love. Some part of you may dream of the mountains, the ocean, tall trees, green grass or fields of grain under blue skies. In today’s world we also dream of houses and cars, computers and phones. Perhaps you dream for others as well as yourself; for the natural world, for your family, children or friends? For now come back to your own dreams, the dreams you dream for yourself.

While yours may be very different, my day dreams are mostly the wandering of thought and perhaps an image or vision. If I feel anything it is mostly in reaction to my thoughts or visions, rather than the content itself. Nothing wrong with this, it can be a very creative and inspirational place to hang out. If these dreams are happy it may feel good too.

The other day I had something “happen” that I want to share with you. Sit quietly and intend to drop into your heart. Perhaps this is easy and familiar, perhaps not. OK. If there are any visions let those go, we are making space for a felt quality. If there is any chatter or tension there give a little space while inviting it to dissipate. Letting go, drop deeper into the spaciousness of your heart. As you sit this will bubble up, warm and full, the natural feeling of your heart, the warmth of love, compassion and acceptance. Just welcome the felt qualities of your heart into your awareness.

Gently ask this space, your precious heart, what its dreams for you are? Releasing any expectations, or other thoughts, come back to the feeling/knowing of the heart, which is also a feeling/knowing of spirit. Set an intention to experience your heart’s dreams in whatever way that will happen. This is a different sort of dreaming, probably without the form or content you are used to. But it is a powerful form of dreaming that can fill your body with joy and love, presence and power that can fuel all your other dreams.

If you have ever seen a child light up and come alive when you ask them about their dreams, this is what you are doing for yourself right now, this is how your heart comes alive when you give it space to shine, by feeling a simple question and opening to the answer.

If the fullness feels different and uncomfortable at first, remind yourself that this is safe, it is another part of you. Gently relax into it, let it fill you and expand you, carry you to places you deeply want to go. Not physical places, but places of spirit and feeling, timeless places of deep peace and connection. Let this experience overflow your heart and fill your body, your mind and being. You are radiant and beautiful as you infuse your being with the essence of your own heart and soul.

Now carry *this* dream out into your world, like a new dawn rising and renewing the land.

(© 5/12)

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