The Inner Gatekeeper

There is a gateway in you, a gateway of consciousness that opens to your essential self. The part of you that is on the other side of that gateway is ready to invite you in, to welcome you home to yourself. You have been through this gateway before; in the mountains, in the forests, with your children, or a lover. The peak experiences are all on the other side of this gateway. You may have thought you needed someone or something to let you through, but if you seek your Self and match your inner gatekeeper’s energy you can be there any time.

Call up this part of you. Remember in your feeling body, in your being, those times you have been there before, let the part of you that knows, remember for you. Open inside and the essential will arise into your awareness. Breath deep, relax and enjoy.

Earlier this month I was co-facilitating a ceremony in the role of gatekeeper to a series of sacred spaces that participants were invited to enter to assist in releasing limitations to connecting to their essential Selves. As the first person approached the first space I felt my awareness shift into a deeper level of presence with myself and with them: an awareness in my body and being, a feeling of fullness and aliveness which I think of as the experience of my essential self. My inner gatekeeper, an aspect of my essential Self had risen for me, supporting the ceremony and all of us there.

As I asked the simple questions that invited each person to be present and to step with intention into the physical space behind me I knew that there was a deeper level to the interaction in which my essential Self was inviting each person to step through their inner gateway into their essential Self.

We are all present as our essential Selves all the time, but we are mostly aware only of the worldly personality levels of our small self. When we do connect to essence it is like a gateway that opens, that our awareness can step through into “higher” aspects of consciousness. Each time we do this deepens our awareness of this gateway so that it is more and more accessible.

Any peak experience that you have had is a time when this door was brought into awareness. Communing with a mountain, a tree, an animal, a love opens it. Remembering these experiences allow that doorway to come into awareness now, feel it inside your Self. You may imagine it as a gateway, and your essential Self as the gate keeper that welcomes you in. Just let your self match the energy of your Self and “step through”.

When this doorway opens in us it can help to open the same doorway in others. This is how many of the great masters are. They are like that open door that reminds us that we all have a similar door in our own hearts, in our own beings, and reminds us how to open it.

While we can hold this energy for others, and often it is easier with others, try exploring how to hold it for yourself, to meet your own gatekeeper to your own heart. Come to know your inner gatekeeper for yourself, learn to open the gate whenever you want and then pass it along. When we can all open the gate of our hearts and meet each other in this way what a beautiful world it is.

(© 9/2011)

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