Nourishing Elements

Ocean and Sky

Clear blue sky echoed the rich blue of the ocean below us. Waves rolling in from the open sea foamed white against the grey granite rocks. Occasional seagulls glided by, or rode the swells out beyond the surf. The rhythm of the waves and the salt air blown gently against us by a cool breeze were soothing as we sat under a bright afternoon sun. Warmed by fire, cooled by air, resting on earth and lulled by the water; our bodies and Beings were content to relax and allow the elements to nourish us.

A few days before we were in the rolling hills of the Pocano Mountains. Forest trees and cool streams fed us there as we smelled the rich aroma of fallen leaves, living moss and ferns. Sun light filtered through the green of hundred-foot canopy sheltering the myriad birds whose voices made up a rich chorus of joyful song.

We are made of the elements forged in the fires of ancient stars, but we are sustained in life by the flows of energies that have been called elemental. Different aspects of Life Force that resonate with our star elements, with the breath in our lungs, the salt water of our cells, the earth of our bones and the fire of our life, our thoughts, our nerves.

Sometimes the elements nourish us in a physical way, but they also come to us as energy, as rhythm and flow. Hard as the rock, or soft as a breeze. Just as we sometimes need more of one thing or another in our food and drink, sometimes we can benefit especially from one or more of the elements. Salt sea air softens the hair and skin, but it also speaks to the sea inside us, soothing the nerves and rocking us gently into a peaceful state of being, reminiscent of the womb or the primordial sea.

While humans are comprised of all four elements, the balance is not the same for each of us. Sometimes we need to support a dominant element, or balance out a secondary one. Circumstances and situations can deplete us, or over stimulate us, calling for more of one or another. It is good to know what your natural strengths are and which tend to be lacking.

Being in different places in nature can help to balance or support you as required. The energy of water, stream or ocean; the fire of the sun, or a campfire at night; the earth of trees or stones, and the clear sky and wind, all have the potential to assist you. Meditating on what places have drawn you, or helped you to feel calm or strong is a good place to start. Experimenting with different places, checking in when you are in a new environment, you begin to know how different elements and combinations affect you.

Allowing them to soak into you when you are there, the imprints are in your body when you are at home. Some are nourishing, others are cleansing, like the red rocks of Utah, under a hot sun and blown clean by a strong wind. Different places for different circumstances. Practicing elemental awareness tells you about your own state, but also enhances your ability to call the elements you need, even when you can’t be present with them in person.

Energetically they are always present everywhere, ready to dance with you when you call.

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