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Making Decisions

When I started my practice I happened into a part time space. As my practice grew I needed to move. I was going out on my own. That felt good. But looking for office space was also new. There were … Continue reading

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What Serves?

As I walk through life I encounter all manner of people, places, ideas, things. My attention reaches out to explore and becomes engaged. Interacting and responding in many different ways, I become enmeshed in my experiences and aspects of the … Continue reading

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Intention and Boundaries

When I was first learning about energy tools we did an exercise about the power of centering and focusing our intention. Imagine yourself in a supermarket. Make it a large one, full of people around 5:00pm. Imagine that there are … Continue reading

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Engaging the Enchanted World

What is the beginning? Being. And from Being all things come. The creation of the Universe is an ongoing event. Just ask the cosmologists. Creation happens within an aspect of Being condensing into form. Being is always there, underneath, in … Continue reading

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Golden Children

All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances… Thoughts and emotions parade across the stage of our consciousness. If we can greet them and entertain them from the … Continue reading

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