Spiritual Mentoring Exploratory Questionnaire

This questionnaire will help you focus on what you want and allow me to evaluate if we are a good match. It is important that we both feel this. When it is so, I will contact you to schedule a free consultation to explore what your journey will look like further.

Please use the following questions to focus and clarify your intent. Be open to the unexpected. Be concise, but include all main points.

Many of these questions will be addressed in more detail as your process unfolds, but where are you with them now?



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1. Where are you now?
    What aspects of your present life and being are calling to be transformed?

2. Where do you want to go?
    What aspects do you want to cultivate into your future life?

Select three top priorities.

3. Are you ready to transform?
    Your life will change, perhaps in unexpected ways. Can you trust your Self and Spirit to allow this to happen?

4. Biggest challenge/s to getting there?
    Especially if you have been dancing with your "issues" for a while, what seems to hold you back?

5. Level of ownership?
    To what extent can you own your current situation and your part in setting it up?

6. How strong is your motivation?
    Estimate (1-10) how strong your motivation is for transformation. Name one or two main components.

7. What is your Spiritual orientation/experience?
    Do you have a meditation or other Spiritual practice? Energetic practices? If this sounds new to you, are you ready to go down the rabbit hole?

8. What have you/are you, already done/doing?
    What have you done, or are doing, to address your situation?

9. What worked, or not?
    What techniques, practices, did you find effective, or not?

10. Existing support system?
    Do you have a partner, friend, group, or other support?

11. Are you working with other practitioners?
    MDs, chiropractors, therapists, energy workers, etc.

12. Experience of Abuse?
    Have you ever felt abused, physically, sexually, emotionally or mentally?

13. Goal for consultation?
    What goal/s do you have for our phone consultation? Do you have fears, desires, specific questions?

14. Anything else to share?

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