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The term beings appears to be used widely in psychic circles. M. Tamura has said that is it any energy that is not ours. This can be a little left over emotion that got left behind, or a simple entity that consists of a single thought or emotion, all the way up to bodiless spirits. He says that the later are rare, but on the other hand there is much talk of beings that are hanging around to come through those who are temporarily "out of their bodies". Other "beings" may refer to the energy of relatives or friends that we have picked up, or that is trying to come through us or control us. This is a step up from simple cording.

It seems clear that there are some confusions (or potential confusions) here. For instance, the conscious mind only focuses on one sense at a time. Normally it will cycle between them rapidly, so that one has the impression of hearing, seeing, smelling, etc. all at the same time. But when there is strong concentration, it may be that the conscious mind is fixed on one sense, and is for the time withdrawn from the others (e.g. reading a book, but not hearing someone calling). The other senses will only be registered at the subconscious level. In this case one is certainly in the body, just not all of it.

It is also widely accepted that there are vast reaches of the mind which are outside of normal consciousness, but which may at times come to the surface, intruding in a sometimes incongruous way. However, in many cases these intrusions are said to be the result of a being coming into the body from outside. This perhaps relates to the issue of the ownership of the energy that makes up the pictures that are read psychically. It is said that these are given to us and are not our energy. But if they are in fact the same as samskaras then, even when they are imposed samskaras they must be images in our own mental plate, e.g. our own energy which has taken an externally determined form. In this case it is not the release of the energy, but the release of the form that is the goal. It also means that the behaviors that arise from these pictures are not due in a literal way to other persons, or beings, but arise from our own mind.

On the other hand, it may be said, at least metaphorically that we can take on another energy (is it the form only, or also the substance?) which, in fact, we will feed and increase if we try to suppress it. In the end there may be no real difference, only in the language. However, it seems that there is an important semantic difference in the point of view. If it is your own energy, it can be embraced and transformed. If it is a being, an external, alien energy, then it is to be removed, or fought off...So the experience of it and the reaction to it is quite different. The later, in fact is a negative, perhaps fearful state, which will in the end probably enhance the energy of the "being" rather than defuse it.

There is also the matter of departed souls which Baba says rarely hang around, and in any case cannot have feelings or experience of pain or pleasure. And yet so much is made of the communication with out of body beings?? In The Journey of Souls, it is also stated that spirits rarely hang around [recheck that].

Michael T on Beings

"Beings" are energy forms, it can look like a spot of light, or an amoeba, or a person.. being can be all-over, no boundary, beings with no awareness of space.. some have formed bodies, others are just a little blob.. grounding can help them to collect in their bodies..

Some "beings" in one's space are ones with bodies elsewhere, but they are trying to help, guide, or control us..

If enough energy accumulates around a set of pictures it becomes sort of a being. A robot like energy, based on the pictures, a program..

Giving someone or something space to be, then they don't have to be in your space, but you can't talk to it.

Deva Yonis, Luminous Beings

Review Sakar's writings on Deva Yoni, as these are in fact beings with only partial (non-physical) bodies, and are said to be souls stuck in a sort of limbo, due to strong attachments to some aspect of physical existence. These are perhaps a major source of "beings"?

The luminous beings have bodies composed of only the three more subtle fundamental factors. Is there a correspondence between these factors in the body, and the layers of the aura seen by psychics? These are all part of the annamaya kosa?

Beings and Samskaras

Dada's description of the power or force of a ripening samskara to cause one to act in ways that one does not consciously want to may have a correlation in the terminology of beings. In this case the being "appears" as the samskara ripens and begins to manifest, it plugs in and "takes over" the person, who then acts in ways they may not identify with later. This energy would come out of the extra-cerebral memory (the spirit memories stored behind the head) which is related to the atimanas kosa, and forming a picture in the lower kosas in preparation for taking action. This might be viewed by a psychic as a being plugging into the "transmedium" channels down the back of the head. It must be that the samskara is a distortion of the citta throughout the process, but that it expresses through the lower kosas, by some process of crudification. This brings it, at some point into the psychic sight as a "being".


In order to fully channel, one must empty one's own mind, and be in an egoless state (not easy). Otherwise one's own subconscious material, and that of the collective unconscious will get all mixed up with the "channeled" material. In any case there is a process of translation of pure mind into pictures and words, which will overlay the channeler's own images and understandings on top of the original meaning/intent. [RF] P. R. Sakar says that in most "mediums" the majority of the material is from their own samskaras, which is the same thing. Only when the lower layers of mind are completely rolled up into the atmianas kosa will personal pictures not influence the process.

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