Human Spiritual Structure: Spirits
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P.R. Sakar states that ghosts and spirits are an external projection of the subconscious mind. When their mind is concentrated, as in fear (bhaya vrtti) or grief after the passage of a loved one, their citta may take a form which is visible externally as well as internally. It is also possible that one may mentally erase something which is physically there. These are positive and negative hallucinations. [But didn't Baba also occasionally allow someone to `meet' a recently departed soul?]

In most cases of `possession' the same applies, but the projection is inward, into the person, so they appear to be possessed or to channel a spirit. In this case the conscious mind is partially absorbed into the subconscious mind. The appearance of a `ghost' sitting on ones chest during dream sleep also involves the subconscious mind projecting fear.

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