Human Spiritual Structure: Five Fundamental Factors
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The five fundamental factors are the ethereal, the aerial, the luminous, the liquid, and the solid factors. These carry progressively the attributional expressions (tanmattras) of sound, touch, form, taste, and smell. The solid factor carries all five tanmattras, the ethereal only sound, etc. Each factor has the same total capacity for expression, but less and less of this is available for each tanmattra as their numbers increase.

In discussions of microvita it becomes clear that the tanmattras can take different forms in the different factors. Thus sound vibrations are said to exist in all five factors, but these `sounds' may not all be audible sound that is heard by the ears. This reflects in part the fact that the five factors, are also partially symbolic, meaning that a direct correspondence with modern physical constructs is not always possible.

Waves that have a longer wavelength can pass through those with a shorter wavelength.

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