Human Spiritual Structure: Abstract

This work-in-progress is an attempt to outline the physico-psycho-spiritual structure of human beings. When a soul takes on a physical body its being is composed of various levels, which can loosely be referred to as the physical body, the mind, and the original spirit. Although the spirit, or pure consciousness, is the primary aspect of the being, all three are important. Events at one level can affect the others, and complex causal relationships are possible.

It is assumed that the purpose of a soul taking on a human body is to work on the exploration, mastery and perfection of this structure. This process generally takes place over a series of lifetimes, in which the soul is born into different physical bodies. This work will also outline the mechanisms involved in this process, as well as various techniques that are useful to the evolving soul.

NOTE: At present these pages represent a work in progress, being still more in the form of notes than a finished work. It is hoped that even so they may be of some interest.

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Last updated January 11, 1998.
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