Meditations and Readings

Readings and Meditations recorded by Alan.
Please enjoy these short readings and meditations to experience the powerful relaxing and healing qualities that Alan brings through his voice.
The longer meditations can be purchased for your continued use at your convienience.
All recordings copywrite © 2006-2015 by Alan McAllister and Whole Being Explorations


   Please enjoy listening to these meditations and readings in a comfortable place, but never while driving or working with machinery or tools that require full attention. As with any guided process always make it your own, shifting specific details to suite your own situation and associations.

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Guesthouse a Poem by Rumi – Free
An inspirational poem about how to receive emotional “guests”.
1 minute



Journey Into Stillness Meditation – $24.99 new

Visting the inner Void, a journey into the body, to the space between the atoms, and beyond. Visiting pure Spirit and the wholeness of your Self, access inspiritation and new possibilities, bringing them back into your life.
25 minutes.

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Short Heart Space Meditation – Free

A short meditation to open the heart and fill you with love.
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3 minutes


Basic Energy Healing Meditation – $19.99

Follow along with a basic grounding process.
Experience a healing for your aura, a clearing for the main energy channels, and balancing for your chakras.
Charged with the same energy as an in-person healing.
24 minutes.

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Listen to “reading” clip (30 sec): here .

“Dancing on the Earth” Meditation – $9.99

A meditation that is both uplifting and grounding.
Learn how to dance with joy through all aspects of your life, while also grounding deeply in the earth.
The DVD includes a copy of the “reading” version.
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10 minutes.

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