Human Spiritual Structure: Soul Evolution
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The purpose of life is the evolution of the unit consciousness (or soul) back to the Godhead, which is called pratisaincara. This involves the evolution of the body, the mind, and the spirit through many lifetimes.


After death if there are still accumulated samskaras stored in the causal mind it is eventually matched with a newly forming body in a womb. This body will have the capacity to manifest the samskaras that are ripening in the mind, i.e. a wave that resonates with that of the mind. Once the association is formed, the infant develops and the soul is reborn in the new body.

In terms of the evolution of the unit mind one purpose of rebirth is to give us a chance to release many habits and memories from our current lifetime, to allow new samskaras to ripen and to some extent start the process over.

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Created March, 1998.
Last updated March 30, 1998.
© Alan McAllister

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