Human Spiritual Structure: Natural Clearing Processes
Notes in progress © 1998-2002 Alan McAllister  

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The following natural processes are involved in the purification (or possibly, pollution) of the kosas of all beings wether or not they are doing sadhana.

Clearing Symptoms

When energy is being cleared, physically, emotionally, or psychically, there are various symptoms that may arise. These include physical tension or pain, trembling of muscles, chills or fevers, digestive upsets, coughing, yawning, laughter, crying, etc. For instance in Reiki practice the appearance of a "reaction" or symptoms is taken as a positive sign that the body is accepting the treatment and is beginning to clear of toxins.


Crying is one of the great emotional releases, mentioned as long ago as Aristotle. It is also a mechanism for clearing toxins from the body, and pain and sadness from the psyche. A reference to emotional crying as a possible aid in asthma attacks [HB].

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Created March, 1998.
Last updated March 23, 1998.
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