Human Spiritual Structure: Psychic Mind
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There are three rings above the crown chakra which are spinning. It is through these rings that the spirit comes into the body. The middle ring contains pictures for each of the seven chakras. The bottom ring is related to relationships.

When the spirit comes into the body, it flows down channels along the back of the head to the "genetic entity", a grey box at the base of the skull (slightly higher than the throat chakra). This has a red button on the right-hand side, which goes grey when the person is preparing to die. It is from this location that information is uploaded to the akashic record store, located behind the head.

From the genetic entity the spirit descends down the spine to the muladhara chakra at the base of the spine, at least if it is coming fully into the body. Through out the body there are "anchor points" at which the spirit can attach to the physical body. These are said to look like small golden stars, but may get dirty and covered with energy which blocks a strong connection. They are mostly in the head and around the chakras, but may also be found in the joints and elsewhere throughout the body. Do the number and location vary with the individual?

There is a spiritual memory store about a foot behind the head. This includes various pictures and may correspond to the extra-cerebral memory that stores the samskaras. Is this the same as the akashic record store?

Michael's Version

This is a tri-partite description of mind given by Michael Tamura in a workshop. There are three minds, one which exists outside the body, roughly three feet over the head, one which exists in the head and one near the heart. These are roughly spiritual, intellectual, and emotional minds.

Fill in from notes.

Michael talks of each chakra having 12 levels, each with 12 sub-levels, for 1008 total. Is this related to the vrittis? or something completely different?

A discussion of standard psychic-newage treatment of frequencies in the light of Sarkar's material.

Psychic Phenomena

Psychic "powers" such as telepathy, clairvoyance etc. are due to the expanded, universal, nature of the higher levels of mind.

In general the occurrence of psychic phenomena is due to the temporary loosening of the boundaries of the conscious mind. This allows access to material in the higher levels of mind, i.e. manomaya and atimanas kosas. However, while some of this may come from outside the individual mind, it is usually mixed up with material from the persons own subconscious and unconscious mind. Sarkar has said that unless the lower levels of mind are fully absorbed into the atimanas kosa much of what comes up is in fact from that persons own memories and samskaras. [CAS]

Motoyama cautions against over using the powers associated with any of the chakras. He found that over using his manipura (by communicating with beings for people) produced both physical and psychic problems. [TC]

See also psychic reading.

See also yogic powers.

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