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The Electro-Magnetic Nature of the Physical Body

The dynamics of the human body on a biochemical level are essentially electromagnetic. Ions move in and out of cells due to the potentials across the cell boundaries. The formation of nerve connections to cells depends on signals from inside the cells themselves, certainly in the form of potentials or ions etc. on the cells walls.

On a grosser level there are the currents carried by the nerves, potentials in the brain and at injury sites. The contraction of all muscles in the body is dependent on electrical impulses from the nerves. Any changing electric current or potential will in turn generate magnetic fields, the main body field being generated by the currents that flow into the heart with each beat.

Various affects of external EM fields on the body, especially when they are in resonance.

Possible other current systems...

Effects on Living Systems

Note: these notes are from the Davis and Rawls book, as presented. They may or may not be realistic.

The theoretical thesis is that magnetism is misunderstood on two counts:

They also state that the magnetic energy circulates clockwise at the south pole of a magnet and counter-clockwise at the north pole. The right-hand spin at the south pole is said to be positive and the left-hand spin at the north pole is said to be negative. [Similar statement in GLE.]

Experimental Results

They have performed extensive experiments on living plants and animals, which seem to indicate a significant difference in the affect of the two poles (at high strength) on living organisms. Experiments performed on earthworms and plant seeds indicated that south pole energies were beneficial to growth, while north pole energies hindered it. These effects were seen to occur at field strengths over about 100G, peaking at about 3,500G-4,500G.

The use on birds eggs, led to fast growing, environmentally insensitive, aggressive, south pole birds, and slower growing, sensitive north pole birds. On small mammals, e.g. mice, rats, rabbits (treatment given to males and females(?) before intercourse) showed similar results. The north pole animals were also neater, while the south pole animals were messier. In all animals, south pole treatment reduced time to hatching or birth and speeded development afterwards. The north pole animals were generally more intelligent, while the south pole animals were stronger and quicker physically.

In all the rodents, the application of south pole energy enhanced the frequency and aggressiveness of sexual activity, as well as actually enhancing the development of the sex organs. North pole energy reduced the same. Magnets used were generally of 2,500 G. Heart and life-span were also affected, with the south pole animals dying sooner. Treatment of sexual glands in mature animals led to reduced(enhanced) sperm count upon application of north(south) magnetic energy.

The application of both polarities to sperm and during gestation lengthened life span, as long as the south pole animals were isolated so as not to indulge in too much sex. With the south pole animals the lengthening was due to generally enhanced robustness, while for the north pole animals, a general slowing of the metabolic systems seemed to prolong life. Rodent lives were increased by up to %50.

Application of unipolar magnetic energies are claimed to help in arresting many diseases of the organs, and in improving blood circulation. In particular, the application of the north pole is supposed to arrest the growth of transplanted tumors in rodents. The application of the negative pole prior to transplant inhibits the grafting of the cancer. Suggests that healing processes in cells are correlated with increased negative charge, or bias, on the outer cell membrane. The opposite is true in fully developed cancer cells (lower bias).

Application of the two poles to developing housefly eggs and larva can result in over, or underdevelopment of parts of their bodies.

The Waves of the Brain

There are several frequency ranges found in the electro-magnetic waves generated by the brain (EEG).

Accomplished meditators can move at will from one state to another (at least beta through theta).

The Electro-Magnetic Emotional Field of the Heart

There are three main sources of fields in the human body: the brain the heart, and the muscles. The power and frequencies of these three sources are quite different. While the brain fields are related to thought and mental functions, it has been found that the heart field is related to the emotions. When a fourier analysis is performed on the rhythms of the beating heart (i.e. an ECG) there are clear differences depending on the emotional state of the person. When the subject is in a very positive state the frequencies are harmonics of a single base frequency. However when the subject is in an agitated, negative state, the spectrum is essentially white noise, there is no harmony.

The field of the human heart can be measured well outside of the human body, therefore it is clear that the heart field is present in every cell of the body. When the heart is in harmony, the rest of the body can also be in harmony, but when the heart is out of harmony, then there is no lead for the rest of the body and disharmony will result. Thus there can be said to be an electro-magnetic component to the emotions, which is felt throughout the body (your whole body is sad, glad, etc.)

This basic picture is certainly much more complex in practice. Established rhythms in other parts of the body can affect the heart and the emotions, most notably the breathing. The cause-effect relationship between emotions and the hearts rhythms are certainly complex, with both physical and mental components. Moreover the extent to which other organs or regions of the body can have their own field, would be a physical counterpart to the hierarchy of the annamaya kosa, or physical mind. It would also begin to put a physical basis under the concept of the physical storing of emotions and samskaras in the body. It is clear from clearing techniques, such as rebirthing, that some such mechanism exists.

The existence of this field outside of the body also provides an explanation for at least some `intuitive' perceptions. It is unlikely to be a complete explanation.

The `Auric' Fields

Valerie Hunt found that there is a fourth component to the bodies EM field, which is much subtler than the other three. In fact it was by analyzing the rest states of the muscle field that this was found. In the `noise' of quiescent muscles, there lies a higher frequency, lower power, signal that was found to correlate well with auric dynamics visualized during energy healing sessions.

Note that there are currents in the cerebellum with higher frequencies, i.e. 200-400 Hz. These are transmitted to the muscles as part of the feedback system for controlling coordination and balance. [Explore a possible connection.]

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