Human Spiritual Structure: Vrttis
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The mind is a flow or vibration of energy which is an expression of the dynamic flow of the cosmos. In order to express this flow the mind adopts vrttis, or methods of expression (mental tendencies).

There are 50 vrtti's in the human being. These are the various mental propensities that human beings experience and express. The samskaras of an individual will be expressed as a particular configuration of vrttis.

The vrttis are expressed physically via the glands and sub-glands of the endocrine system, below the pituitary. The various hormones from the glands in turn operate the bodies organs and eventually produce the physical emotions by which actions take place. So we may say that the seed of the vrtti is in the mind and brain, but its expression is through the glands. The number of vrttis and of the glands that express them increases as the mind of a being evolves and grows. This is the source of evolution.

On an energy level the vrttis are associated with the different chakras. When the chakras are depicted as lotuses they have a specific number of petals, which correspond to the vrttis. One vrtti per petal.

When the glands and chakras are out of balance then some vrttis will be over or under expressed, and the person is out of balance emotionally and mentally. The study of the vrttis and their expression through the chakras and glands is called bio-psychology.

The Individual Vrttis

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