Human Spiritual Structure: Yogic Chakras.
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The seats of the mind by which it indirectly controls the human body are the chakras (circles). The five fundamental factors which form the body are directly controlled by prana. [AS]

The chakras are centers of energy on all levels. They correspond to the major nerve plexi and the endocrine glands. These are the physical manifestations of the chakras; the hormones secreted by the glands serving to express the vrttis in the physical body. They are also a controlling factor of the emotions and overall psychology. They can be observed psychically as well as in meditation. These psychic chakras are a less subtle aspect of the yogic chakras.

The chakras have an expression in all the kosas and serve as nodes where the activities of the different kosas are coordinated, and energy and communication can flow between them.

Chakra means circle, or wheel, in sanskrit. They are described as whirling wheels of energy, in which the outer part of the wheel, revolving at the highest speed, is related to the physical body (the annamaya kosa), while the fixed center corresponds to the atman [Y&P]. In between they control also the emotional and mental aspects of being through the vayus based on the vrittis. While the chakras manifest in all the kosas, they are each associated most strongly with the kosa below that which controls them.

The operations of the chakras to control the flow of prana in the body, and thus the physical body itself, are controlled by the five kosas, the layers of the mind listed above [check SS IV, 88-90].

Awakening of the Chakras

. As the chakras are activated, or awakened, various phenomena may be experienced. Psychic powers may also become manifest.

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