Human Spiritual Structure: Psychic Energy Flows
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The main energy flows in the psychic body are called Earth and Cosmic energy. The former originates anywhere in the earth and comes up through the feet and legs to the first chakra. From there most of it goes back down the grounding cord. The cosmic energy comes in through the crown chakra and down four parallel channels in the back, two on each side of the spine. When these reach the level of the first chakra, they enter it from the rear, and the Cosmic energy mixes with the Earth energy. A mixture with about 10% Earth energy then flows up two front channels, through each of the chakras until reaching the crown, where the energy rises like a fountain and falls back down through the aura around the body. This rising energy splits at the throat chakra with some fraction flowing down the arms and out through the palms of the hands, also spilling down through the aura. Any excess also makes its way out the bottom of the aura down the grounding cord.

When these energies are flowing, once established they can be set on automatic, the person is said to be "running their energy".

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