Human Spiritual Structure: Psychic Chakras.
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In psychic work the chakras are usually described as whirling vortices of energy. The base of the vortices is at the location of the spiritual chakra, near the front of the spine. There are pairs of vortices, one in front and one in back, although some systems have only single vortices for the first and seventh chakras, pointing upwards and downwards respectively.

The direction and speed of rotation, as well as the symmetry and axis of the vortices reflects the strength, balance, and overall health of the chakras. Some teachers describe internal sub-vortices which may correspond the the petals of the yogic lotuses.

The chakras translate spiritual energy into emotional and glandular information that the body can work with. They emit a bright blue energy which defines and protects the layers of the aura. The colors and frequencies of the auric layers are derived from the basic blue energy of the chakras.[MB]

Leadbeater's chakras are said to exist on the surface of the etheric body, serving to mediate between the physical and astral bodies. The chakras are likened to rotating flowers, rooted in the spine. The roots pass through the nerve ganglia and energy is distributed on the physical level through them and those in the spine. As the cosmic energy enters the chakras it sets up perpendicular forces which undulate in circular motion. The primary force sets up radial lines which are like spoke on the wheel of the chakras, and correspond to the yogic petals. The secondary undulations have thousands of wavelengths creating swirls of various diameters about the vortex. This leads to different colors of the various petals.[The description is not very clear here.] The chakras may be more or less developed in different people, or even in the same person. [TC]

Leadbeater found that the brightness of the chakras he saw did not always correlate with a person's moral and spiritual development. He thought that energy was modulated through the petals, and specific colors related to specific moral qualities. He concluded that the condition of the individual petals was what corresponded to moral development, not that of the over all chakra. This (although somewhat confused) appears consistent with the association of specific vrttis with each petal [AHM]. [TC]

Leadbeater says the chakras also exist in the astral body, but these are only awakened by an activated kundalini. As it rises through the chakras astral abilities are awakened. [TC]

Note that the various systems of interpreting chakras referenced here are not always in complete agreement.

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