Human Spiritual Structure: Chakras, Other Systems.
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Tibetan Chakras

Although there are said to be many chakras in the subtle body, wherever the nadis cross, the main chakras are along the center of the trunk. These have a larger number of energy channels radiating out of them: 64 at the navel, 8 at the heart, 16 at the throat, 32 at the head.

Musical Chakras

This refers to two systems, one with eight chackras, and one with twelve. The first corresponds to the notes of a western scale, the other to including all the half tones. Frissell attributes these to Drunvalo.

The eight chakra system is similar to the yogic, and is said to follow from the 3D egg of life. They are related to survival, physcial or sexual contact, control, the heart, sound, geometry, spirit, and the octave above the head. Between the 3rd and 4th and the 7th and 8th there are `walls' or half steps. The void comes between the 4th and 5th, separating the lower female from the upper male chakras. The locations are only roughly the same as the yogic ones, in particular the 6th is at the forehead, while the 7th is in the center of the head. The 8th, over the head is the base of the next `dimensional level'.

The twelve chakra system posits equally spaced centers, averaging 7.23 cm apart (though humans vary greatly in scale?). These correspond respectively to the perineum, the ovaries, the navel, the solar plexus, the sternum, the second heart, Adam's apple, chin, tip of nose, eyes, third eye, crown, and over the head(13). Each chakra has five sub chakras (e.g. the clitoris or penis, the vagina or scrotum, the perineum, the anus, the sacrum). In the diagram there are five channels between each of the chakras, perhaps like the five energy channels in yoga (when the outer side nadis are included). The channels are said to rotate by 90 degrees between each chakra, thus spiraling up the spine. The 5th chakra, where the second revolution start is special, and the seat of the Christ consciousness.

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