Human Spiritual Structure: Other Descriptions of Structure
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Tibetan Structure

As in most aspects of the Tibetan teachings there are three bodies related to each individual:

The manifested individual, separated by the illusion of duality and shaped by the individual's samskaras, is considered in three aspects.[CWL]

Inside the physical body there is a subtle body called the Vajra body and referred to as the Inner Mandala. This is comprised of the subtle energy of the body, lun (prana), the currents of prana (i.e. the nadis), and the essence of this energy, Tigle, or ( Kundalini).

Mention is also made of a subtle body, the Jyulus (called the Mayic or Illusory body) which is based on subtle prana. This is still part of the relative, and may correspond to the esotericastral body. The final goal in Zogqen is the Jalus, or Body of Light, which is said to be the final level of realization. At the passing of practitioners that have completely realized their physical body decomposes into the essence of its elements (light) from which it is comprised, except for the hair and the nails. It is often said that this process takes seven days, though it may take longer. These persons are not considered to have dies in the ordinary sense, but to exist instead in the light body, which is visible to those with sufficient awareness. In even more advanced persons, having perfected the fourth and final level of practice, this change may occur while they still live, and is called the Great Transfer. [CWL]

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