Human Spiritual Structure: Sound Work
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In Yoga and Psychology there is a brief reference to the use of sounds ( mantras) at the various chakras to treat psychological and behavioral imbalances associated with those chakras.


Kirtan is a chant and a dance that are done as a preparation for meditation. The chant is a universal mantra combined with many different melodies. It is a hymn of love, devotion, and surrender. While signing the body moves side to side, from one foot to the other, the raised foot tapping the end of the big toe on the ground behind the rooted foot. This stimulates the pineal gland . The arms are up raised, as if to give or received. While generally done in place, it may also be done in a moving line or circle. It helps to focus the mind, to clear it of emotions and worries etc., to prepare it for meditation. It also helps to build a sense of love and devotion, for connecting to oneself, others, and the Creator. [AHM]

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Created September, 1998.
Last updated September 14, 1998.
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