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First Steps

First steps are ways to get a taste of my work with a low investment of time and energy. These are either by donation or low cost venues. Some are even here on the site.

Healing Spaces: Free aura healing sessions

Fair Sessions: Discounted readings and healings

Seminars: Inexpensive talks

Media: Articles and audio recordings

C.M.'s story: Just wanted to say whatever you did, was awesome. I feel like I was meant to see you. I have felt for awhile like I was being held back spiritually, and intuitively. I knew that there was more that I was missing and I have been asking for guidance on how to fix the problem. Well, working with you...the problems have been fixed. So thank you! Read more...

Healing Spaces

Mini-custom energy sessions, aura clearing and chakra tuning. Come for a tune up or set a specific intention. Experience deep relaxation, connect deeply into yourself, clear a headache, move stuck energies, or get help with emotional transitions of all flavors.

15 minute energy clearings or healings.. FREE ................... See Calendar.

Thursday Lunch Hour.. 11:00-1:00pm

Tuesday Teatime.. 4:00-6:00pm ............ Drop in or ....

Contact Alan to schedule your session.

Fair Readings and Healings

Readings give you information about the energy in your space or areas of your life in present time. Healings focus on energetically clearing physical, emotional, or mental issues.

Typical fair sessions are 20 min for $10 or $20. For fairs see the Calendar.

Read an essay on how I approach readings and healings.

A basic energetic healing CD which you can use as a meditation is available Recordings page.

Seminars and Workshops

These presentations explain basic concepts about the energetic aspects of being human, how you interact with other people, and how you can learn to manage these energies. They included introduction to basic tools that you can use every day. Alan teaches in a fun relaxed manner, mixing theory and useful information with practical experience and tools you can take home.

When I offer these you'll find them on the calendar. I am also available to bring them to your group or business.

Sample Topics Include:

  • Self-hypnosis: Programming Your Success
  • The Energetics of Being Human
  • Physics and Metaphysics
  • Effective Tools for Relieving Stress and Performance Anxiety
  • Manifesting
  • Exploring Your Intuition
  • Simple Karmic Self-healing

Contact Alan to book a session or register for a workshop.

Articles and Recordings

You can also learn more about what I do in the article and newsletter archive and on the Resources page; including CDs offerings, Links, book references and more.

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